Our Story

The Zambian economy has historically been based on the mining industry. After a temporary decline in the late 90's to early 2000's, rising prices have reawakened that industry. In addition to the economic upturn, Zambia has come to the realisation that it has the ability to become self-sufficient in food production. These factors have resulted in extensive local and international investments into both the Agricultural and Mining sectors.

BL&D Plant Hire & Sales now employs a complement of 200 staff comprising of Operators, Mechanics, Drivers and Support Staff, whose aim it is to supply the Zambian market with new Hyundai Construction Equipment through HHEZ and first class Plant Hire Services through BL&D Plant Hire.

Health & Safety

Safety is paramount to the success of the Company. The staff are well versed in operating safety requirements for the equipment and BL&D Plant Hire and Sales pride themselves in the fact that, since inception, they have had zero maiming accidents or fatalities in the workplace. Additionally, whilst partnering with BHP Billiton, they have implemented the ‘World No.1 Safety Rules and Regulations’, throughout their operations. BL&D Plant Hire & Sales are fully paid up members of the Workers' Compensation Fund Control Board.

Environmental Awareness

BL&D Plant Hire Sales is committed to playing their part in working towards a cleaner, safer and improved business & social environment for all Zambian residents.

Staff are educated in the need to ensure minimal environmental damage at any work site. Management contribute both personally and financially to social and sporting activities and new / general business creation / enhancement in Zambia.